Advantages of OPP plastic bag and its application


Advantages of OPP plastic bag and its application

Where are OPP plastic bags used? When we come into contact with OPP plastic bags, we feel multifarious and colorful. For example, some OPP plastic bags are printed with cute cartoon patterns. Also printed some text advertising language, and some are the logo of the product brand. Although OPP plastic bag can be printed, but it does not belong to printing, plastic bag is plastic bag, belongs to the packaging industry.

The performance of OPP plastic bag is very good. The material is light, scratch-proof, wear-resistant, and the sealing property is particularly good, which can fully meet the sealing of water, gas, grease, organic solvent and other substances, and meet the needs of rust and corrosion prevention. Glazing machine with OPP plastic bag can also be used as a gift bag, the appearance of the beautiful printing point, plus some small accessories, is so exquisite. In addition to making gift bags, they can also hold food, bread, cakes and so on. In fact, this is the two aspects, there are clothing manufacturers order a large number of OPP plastic bags to load clothes, OPP plastic bags of good sealing, even if the warehouse is full of clothes, with OPP plastic bags do not have to worry about the weather wet, moldy clothes.

As a kind of packing bag, OPP self-adhesive bag is the most popular and most widely used. OPP self-adhesive bags are popular for two reasons:

1. All the effects of OPP self-adhesive bags are excellent, which can not only store products but also protect them.

2. OPP self-adhesive bag is unique in material, printable, customizable, and fully in line with product standards.

The advantages of OPP plastic bags are as follows:

1, OPP plastic bag is simple to use, lightweight material, in the packaging and delivery, save labor and time, save packaging cost and delivery cost.

2, OPP plastic bags can be made into printing bags, card head bags, etc., the body of the bag printed on the manufacturer's propaganda words or patterns, so that the packaging products are not lack of beauty. Attract consumer attention.

3. Finally, this kind of bag can be customized to produce the desired effect according to the customer's requirements.